I grew up in Fort Wayne, a small industrial city in the northeast corner of Indiana. After graduating from high school I enlisted in the Army and spent the next three years with the last of America’s happy draftees. After the Army I married Paula, a fellow Hoosier, and we settled down to start a family.

When our youngest child was three, Paula started college. She graduated with her teaching degree the same year our oldest daughter finished high school. Once she started working, I began work on an Associate’s degree in Computer Science. Weeks turned to years, and I’ve been working in the field long enough to get a Bachelor’s degree, relocate to the Buckeye state, and finish an MBA program.

Flatland Rescue - always on the hunt for new solutions.

Flatland Rescue – always on the hunt for new solutions.

I love developing and using technology and am currently working on a series of blog posts to help Livescribe users who use Evernote as the primary repository for their digital pen’s output.