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  1. So I have a couple questions about the Livescribe smarten systems:

    1) I want to buy a Livescribe for each of my daughters for school, however, they each are taking 8 classes (lecture classes, labs, half-term classes, etc.) and they would each need a separate college-ruled notebook for each class. That’s 8 notebooks for each kid of mine in simultaneous use. Unless I am missing something, it appears that this is simply not possible with this system. If so, this is baffling as a prime use-case and an ideal target market for such a smarten is for students who almost always take more than 4 classes at a time. Could you clarify if you get a chance? Unless it is possible to support for than 4 simultaneous notebooks of the same type then unfortunately it appears that Livescribe is wholly unsuitable for students..

    2) A second issue is that my kids are each taking demanding classes that will almost assuredly go through multiple notebooks for each class over the course of a year. I know they can archive a completed notebook, BUT, notebooks are often looked at, edited, and reviewed at a later date to help with studying, clarifying topics that were confusing at the time, etc. If my kids are preparing for a final exam at the end of a year or an MCAT and need to refer to notes from a previously archived notebook, can these older notebooks be loaded back on to the pen so they can review the notes (and accompanying audio) while flipping back through the original notebook? Or is the only option to review the notes online? Again, this is a huge issue for any student who needs to refer back to old notebooks for later study or annotation.. Thanks again — I hope that perhaps I’m incorrect on my concerns as the Livescribe system would seem to be a perfect solution — But so long as it supports the very real needs of students who typically need a separate notebook for each class, and often need multiple notebooks of the same type for each class, as well as the need to review older notebooks (and audio) as needed, without having to be exclusively trapped reviewing a digital version of the notes once a notebook has been archived.

  2. Hi Ken
    1) In the college ruled single subject notebooks, there is an option to buy in 4-packs. There are two series: 1-4 and 5-8. This makes it possible to run 8 notebooks of the same style concurrently. Each notebook is 200 pages. Another option for classes with lower note volume is to use the 3-subject notebooks.


    2) Once a notebook is archived, it’s no longer available on the pen. There’s no way to reload a notebook and its notes on the pen. In archive mode, the only way to view the content is in the viewing application. In the cases of the Livescribe Sky, that’s Evernote In the case of the Livescribe Echo, that’s the Livescribe helper application.

    You can listen to your recorded audio in an active notebook by double-tapping the notes. This function is not available in an archived notebook – you must listen in Evernote or the helper app. The viewing application actually enhances the Livescribe experience. in Evernote or the online view of your notes, any writing associated with audio is highlighted in green. This makes it easy to find the audio you’re looking for.

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