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Adam Smith – the Invisible Hand — 2 Comments

  1. Dr. Kennedy
    Thanks very much for your interesting comments. This blog post came out of a series of reflections written on “The Great Books of Business”. My classmates and I spent 2 weeks on the Wealth of Nations. Obviously we didn’t get very far, but it was certainly better than simply scanning a Wikipedia article or swallowing Samuelson’s distillation. I read Book1 and Book 4.

    I’m compelled to agree with your observations on the beauty of Smith’s metaphors. The IH passage is certainly typical of many eloquent sections in the two books I read. Your explanation makes good sense, and I never realized that so many had taken such license with the Hand metaphor over the years. Very interesting.

    Your comment is certainly the most thoughtful I’ve seen in ages. Thanks very much for taking time to illuminate this famous passage. I’d encourage any interested reader to view the post at Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy for the full text.