Livescribe + Evernote. Your notebooks just got some extra muscle!

Livescribe is a clever little company that manufactures a line of electronic pens. These pens are designed to enable users to save handwritten notes in digital form.

Livescribe pens convert handwritten notes into digital files.

Livescribe pens convert handwritten notes into digital files.

I’ve been a Livescribe user for a few years now – ever since my last bout with school, working on an MBA. This year, I replaced my tired Echo pen with Livescribe’s latest model, the Sky WiFi enabled pen.

There was a fair amount of controversy last Fall about the new pen because of Livescribe’s decision to use Evernote as the pen’s digital repository. For me, that wasn’t a bug…it was a feature!

After reading a host of complaints on various blogs from Livescribe users who objected to being forced to use Evernote, it occurred to me that many of these objections might vanish as users embrace all that Evernote could bring to their Livescribe experience. In this spirit, here are a few notes to  help smooth out the Livescribe + Evernote experience. Add a comment if there’s a topic you’d like to see.